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keepF5 was created in a bid to provide an online space that provides resources to assist with mental health resiliency and avail merchandise that helps promote an increasingly positive and healthy world. Our online marketplace also attempts to curate the most popular and sought after items today to give you a one-stop shop for items that we have vetted as worthy of your hard earned money. With products constantly added, we ask you check back often as we continue to build out our store and inventories.

Our ‘keepF5‘ branding follows the idea to keep ‘refreshed‘ with the F5 signifying the refresh key we so often press on our computer keyboards. The notion of keeping refreshed being integral to a healthy human-being and that only after we are healthy can we help others and continue building resilient societies and paying it forward. keepF5 aims to be a leader in pushing for a more equitable and healthy world where peace of mind and humanity can be returned to civilization.

We expect to use gains from this venture to build and further fund philanthropic initiatives to solve societal issues as a society first organization. Your purchases and loyalty go to help such initiatives, we won’t ask you for more money for charitable causes, we make it our mission to use profits to fund into a feedback loop of helping create and build resilient communities by giving back.

keepF5 has a large interest in the area of Cannabis and Cannabis innovation and in time, we hope to develop a line of products to provide relief from this marvel of a medicinal plant.

keepF5 also has a blog component to share a wide variety of thoughts and opinion pieces to help discuss issues and matters that pertain to our world, including health, art, innovation, and many more subject areas of interest.

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